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Giddy Up! Five Alberta Ranches

Giddy Up! Five Alberta Ranches

Calgary isn’t known as Cowtown for nothing. While oil and gas seems to dominate Albertarelated news, the agriculture industry is a major economic driver and source of pride for the province.

The largest cattle-producing province in Canada, Alberta makes up for 44 percent of the country’s production, contributing $12.7 billion to the economy through beef, and exporting roughly half of its beef to other provinces within the country.

There are more than 20,000 beef cattle producers in the province, but here are five doing extraordinary work in producing high quality beef. Brant Lake Wagyu It’s no secret that Alberta beef is lauded for its high quality at home and abroad, but standing out from the pack is Brant Lake Wagyu, which produces a highly coveted, Wagyu-cross herd of about 1,000 cattle yearly.




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